what to expect

Expect to feel welcome. 

Volunteers are stationed at our front doors and lobby to welcome you and show you around. Take a minute to stop by our coffee bar where you can grab a drink and donut to take into the auditorium. We've all had those "first time" experiences. At Fall Creek, our hope is that your first time turns into a second and third!

Expect to engage. 

There are no assigned seats at Fall Creek, so feel free to enter the auditorium and sit wherever you want! Our live band leads us in singing modern, uplifting songs that are directed toward God and rooted in truth. Sunday morning worship is meant to focus our hearts and minds in the midst of the distractions of everyday life.

Expect to grow. 

Our pastor delivers a Bible-based message centered on the good news of Jesus Christ each Sunday morning. The teaching at Fall Creek will grow you, challenge you, and help you move toward a deeper relationship with God and a greater sense of community with others.

A place for kids

Fall Creek is crazy about kids! Our children's ministry volunteers provide your little ones with safe, engaging environments where they laugh, sing, make friends, and learn about the good news that Jesus loves them. Our purposeful, fun-filled settings guarantee that your kids have loads of fun while learning too! 

A place for students

There are tons of opportunities for students to engage, learn, grow and serve at Fall Creek. Our goal is that each teen graduates high school knowing God, following Him, and devoted to the Scriptures. Our prayer is that each student is equipped to enter adulthood with a firm foundation of faith. 

A Place for you

The best place for adults to get to know others in the Fall Creek family is in a Growth Group. Men and women of all ages and stages of life can find a group that meets them right where they are. In a Growth Group, you will make friends and experience life in community while being challenged to follow Christ more faithfully