Pastor john's picks

Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation by Daniel Doriani

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work by TIm Keller

both of these books help us understand how your work/job matters to God and humanity.

Preaching For the rest of us by Robby gallaty

this is a great book to help you learn how to listen to a sermon and get more out of it.

Nature's case for God by John frame

this book helps you worship god better and communicate reasons for God's existence with skeptics.

the sermon on the Mount and human flourishing by Jonathan pennington

this book helps us understand how God designed humans to live from the very beginning and how we can recapture god's design for better living.

Pastor scott's picks

Love Does by bob goff

Everybody always by bob goff

Crazy love by francis chan

Mere Christianity by c.s. lewis

Chronicles of Narnia by c.s. lewis

Timothy Keller "Gospel in Life" podcast


This is a great resource for parents dealing with currant cultural issues from a christ-centered perspective.


Pastor Clayton's picks

Delighting in the trinity by michael reeves

I recommend this often because it's such a good introduction to christianity.

the hole in our holiness by kevin deyoung

one of the best books i've read on becoming more like jesus.

the meaning of marriage by tim keller

An excellent book on marriage.

mark: a theological commentary by abraham kuruvilla

read it slowly--it's deep!--but it has opened my eyes to what it means to follow jesus as a disciple.

knowing faith podcast

This podcast is filled with great content about scripture and theology, and it's very conversational.

the fall creek church podcast

We just launched a new podcast!