It's a new day

here's what you need to know about two services


Q: What time will the two services start?

A: Beginning September 2, we'll have a 9:30am service and a 11:00am service.

Q: Will the music and message be the same in each service?

A: Yes--both services will be identical.

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Q: When will adult Growth Groups be offered?

A: Adult Growth Groups will be offered on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and 11:00am. Starting out, our goal is to have at least 3 Adult Growth Groups for each service time. In addition, we will have a slate of Growth Groups that meet during the week, at various times, both on and off campus. We currently expect, at least, 14 Adult Growth Group options.

Q: Will the adult Growth Groups be identical in both hours?

A: Currently, each hour will have its own set of Growth Groups so that our Growth Group leaders will be able to attend a worship service in the hour opposite to their Growth Group.

Q: When will we know what adult Growth Groups will be offered and at what time they will be offered?

A: We will publish our slate of Growth Groups for Fall 2018 on Sunday, August 5.

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Q: How does Fall Creek KIDS (Children’s Ministry) change going to two services?

A: Moving to two services, the format of Children’s Ministry will remain very similar to how it is currently--with KIDS Growth Groups (Sunday School) and nursery care. There will simply be more programming for more children both hours.

Q: What will the Fall Creek KIDS schedule look like each Sunday?

A: 9:30am

Traditional Sunday School for ages birth – 5th grade. The preschool ages will continue to have musical worship during Sunday School time.


Nursery Care with the addition of 4-yr-olds. Children of this age are considered preschoolers and learn best through hands-on interactive play. This environment is best offered in the nursery area platform. Requiring preschool children to only be in a structured classroom setting (such as Sunday School) for both service hours is setting them up to fail behaviorally and emotionally, as it’s simply not their mode of learning. The nursery atmosphere will still provide guided lessons, and it will also offer a time of more open free play as well. Additionally, we plan to incorporate musical worship  during nursery care beginning this fall.

Elementary-Aged Worship & Bible Studies will now be offered at 11:00am for grades K – 5th. This will be a time of student-led musical worship upstairs (by students/for students), as well as breakout bible study sessions led by adults, for each age group.


AWANA returns this fall as usual--Sunday evenings from 6pm-7:30pm.

Q: Will there still be Family Worship Sundays?

A: YES… but just on the Sundays where there are no adult Growth Groups due to holidays. Family Worship is a time to celebrate your love of Christ together as a family. Children need to see and be a part of their family as they worship. If your child does not see that worship is important to you, worship becomes less important to them. Our children are a wonderful example of what God intended faith to look like: Unashamed and trusting. We adults are blessed in this capacity by the example of our children.

Q: What are the opportunities to serve in Children’s Ministry, moving into two services?

A: Because we will be offering more programming for more children this fall, there are numerous ways to serve:

-Sunday School Teachers. We will continue to offer a traditional Sunday School hour for all ages of children (KIDS Growth Groups). Sunday School Teachers make a year-long commitment. We additionally need substitute teachers and those who can step in when a teacher no longer can serve.

-Bible Study Teachers. In addition to the traditional Sunday School classes, we will be offering more contemporary application-based Bible Study classes for kids, grades K-5th  (KIDS Growth Groups). Adult leaders for these classes, as well as subs, are needed.

-Nursery Care Workers. This is such an important need and ministry! Caring for our littlest ones is selfless and crucial work. It also openly demonstrates the love within our church as a first impression for guests with young children.

We take the care and protection of our children very seriously. All volunteers within the Fall Creek KIDS ministries undergo an extensive background check.   

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Q: How will two services affect the student ministry schedule?

A: The quick answer is: only minimally from last year’s X-Stream schedule. After digitally surveying our parents, researching churches that already implement two services, and meeting with leaders, it was overwhelmingly obvious that the preferred plan for this school year will be to keep high school and middle school combined for most activities on a schedule very similar to the previous year’s.  The only noticeable change will be on Sunday morning, where we will make our exclusive focus to position our students to learn and grow by serving throughout the ministries of our church.

Q: What is the plan for student ministry on Sunday mornings?

A: Research and our own experience in ministry have shown that students who learn to serve not only stand a much higher likelihood of continuing in their faith after high school, but they also grow to become adults who serve in whatever church and ministry they end up attending in the future.  Beginning on September 2, there will be no formal large group meeting time for students on Sunday mornings. However, there will be opportunities in both hours for students to serve in various ministries throughout our church. Student ministry teams (formerly X-ACT), worship service teams (tech, including computer/soundboard/video), guest experience teams (parking lot, greeters, hosts), and expanded opportunities in children's ministry (praise team for children's worship, small group leaders, teacher assistants, and more!) will all be options for our students to find their place in Fall Creek to be trained and to serve.

Q: What will a typical Sunday morning look like for a family with students?

A: Our hope is that Fall Creek families with high school/middle school students will choose either our 9:30am or 11am worship service to worship together. And in the other hour, parents will attend a Growth Group, younger children will attend our childrens ministry offering's, and high school/middle school students will serve in one of the many ministry options we have for them. We call this idea “sit one, serve one” because we want all of our students to worship one hour and serve in another (but in no particular order—you can “serve one, sit one” as well!). For families who only attend one hour, we’d love for you to worship together in our main service. The one exception to serving is “if you don’t sit one, you can’t serve one.”  So if you only have one hour to give on Sunday morning, give it to worship.

Q:  When is the main meeting time for students?

A:  Our high school and middle school students will continue to meet together for our X-Stream Student Worship X-Perience on Sunday nights from 5:30pm-7:30pm. We'll have game time, videos, music, snacks, and more. Each week, students will hear a message aimed at helping them apply God’s Word to their everyday lives, followed by age/gender specific small groups for students to talk further with their leaders and peers. This is our weekly “big event” environment designed specifically for students. Our goal is to have every student at Fall Creek attending this ministry on a regular basis.

Q: Is there anything offered for students during the week?

A: Our student ministry regularly hosts events outside of our Sunday evening gatherings. Things like ski trips, beach retreats, water wars, game nights and other fun activities give our students continual opportunities to build relationships and bring their friends to our ministry.  We also provide numerous opportunities for our students in large and small groups to serve outside of our church--collecting and sorting shoes, doing yard work, as well as many other projects. In addition, we offer student small group studies on different days of the week primarily based on the availability of our students and location. These groups meet separately from their Sunday night small groups to study different topics in light of God’s Word, as well as meeting for service and fun activities outside of our Sunday meeting times. This year we are looking to increase the number of weeknight offerings for our students, so more can become involved in regular Bible study and life application together.

Q: What would a typical week for an X-Stream student who took advantage of every opportunity look like?

A: Sunday Morning—9:30am—Serve on Ministry Team OR Worship

    Sunday Morning—11am—Worship OR Serve on Ministry Team

    Sunday Night—5:30pm-7:30pm—Student Worship X-Perience at FCC

    Wednesday Night—Various—Small Group Study at Leaders Home

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