There is one God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; who exists in unity as One and also as three distinct Persons.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God's Son. He was born of a virgin as both God and man, lived a sinless life, died to atone for the sins of human beings, was buried, arose from the grave, ascended into heaven and will literally return to earth.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the divine helper, assistant, counselor and instructor and His work is to reveal Christ, convict of sin, lead to repentance, guide believers, comfort, strengthen, and sanctify the soul.


The Bible is God's Holy Word. It is literally God-breathed and wholly truthful without any mixture of error, and is the sole authority for faith and life.


Human beings are the special creations of God, made in His image. They fell through the sin of the first man, Adam, and all human beings are sinners in need of salvation from the penalty of sin.


Salvation is a gift rom God that is received by grace through repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ. Every person who truly is saved is eternally secure in the Lord Jesus Christ and will spend eternity in heaven, while those who die in their sins will spend eternity in hell.


Baptism is by immersion after salvation in obedience to Jesus Christ's command as a declaration of our faith and new life in Him.


The church is a local body of baptized believers with the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head, united in the mission to tell everyone in the world the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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