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We invite you to explore Fall Creek Groups. Meet other adults, deepen your roots, and be challenged to walk more faithfully with Christ. Men and women of all ages and stages of life can find a group that meets them right where they are. 


We encourage you to join a Growth Group this semester. (Or join our newest addition - a Life Group*!)

Although new groups start each semester, you are welcome to join a group at any time (*unless otherwise noted).

Browse the options and sign up below. 

Summer 2024 Growth Groups

  • Led by Rich and Marci Herbert

    Wednesday evenings from 6:20-8:20

    Meets at the home of Rich and Marci

    Start Date: May 15-September 4

    Meal provided

    Open to Men and Women

    Content: "Gospel in Life" by Timothy Keller
    An intensive eight-session course (16 weeks) on the gospel and how
    it is lived out in all of life - first in your heart, then in your community,
    and then out into the world. 

    Please call with any questions and prayerfully consider
    joining us and walking this Christian faith journey
    together with like minded brothers and sisters.  
    Rich: (317) 408-1340
    Marci: (317) 753-4850

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  • Led by Greg Cross

    Wednesday evenings from 6:30p - 8:00p

    Meets in room 231

    Open to Men

    Join us each Wednesday in a study of the Gospel of Mark. Each week we will be employing an Inductive Bible Study (IBS) method known as Manuscript Study. This innovative approach allows participants to engage with the Scriptures more intimately. We will explore the Gospel of Mark using 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper with wide margins and double-spaced lines of the Gospel of Mark, devoid of chapter headings or verses, to get closer to the text's original form.

    The study group will meet weekly on Wednesday in Room 231 on the second floor of the church, starting at 6:30 pm. Each session, lasting a solid 90 minutes, will include individual study, shared observations and questions around a table, followed by a group discussion on key themes.

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  • Led by Mark and Christa Hochfellner

    Start Date: Currently meeting/ongoing

    Sundays at 9:30am

    Fall Creek Campus, Room 222

    Open to men and women in their 20s and 30s

    Not really a college group; not really a career group; not really a singles group--this is just a place to connect, fellowship, and do life with others who are at the same place in life as you. If you are between the ages of 19 and 39 you are welcome. We will continue our study of the book of Ephesians through June and then transition to something else.

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  • Led by Chad Anderson

    Start Date: June 23

    Sundays at 9:30 am at the Fall Creek Church campus

    Open to men and women

    In this group we take a deeper look at the scripture covered in that week’s sermon. We explore the scripture’s meaning, purpose, and how we can apply it to our lives. We learn together, grow together, and build relationships with each other, as we strengthen our relationship with Christ. Open to adults of all ages, we would love to have you come join our conversation.

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  • Led by Merrill Eggleston and Diane Anderson

    Start Date: Currently/Ongoing

    Sundays at 9:30am at the Fall Creek Church campus, Room 121
    Open to men and women

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  • Led by Paul Collins and Randy Sipe

    Start Date: Current/Ongoing

    Open Door Class - Seniors

    Sundays at 9:30am: Will meet in person in Room 103 and through audio

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  • Led by: Cameron and Rachel Roberts

    Sunday mornings at 9:30am on the Fall Creek Church Campus, Room 231

    For Couples

    Description: More than ever, we need each other. In life and in our marriages. It's a good chance that other couples in our church have already dealt with (or are dealing with) the marriage challenges you face right now. They can empathize with you, pray for you, and offer advice as you and your spouse work to grow in your relationship with each other and with God. Whether you realize it or not, yours is an example of a marriage that has survived because of Christ. But Christ does not want you to simply survive your marriage. God wants you to thrive in your marriage. Our ongoing Marriage Growth Group is for all couples, regardless of what season your marriage is in, to study together how God created marriage to glorify Him and to bring you much JOY. 

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  • Led by Joe Straka and Cary Wilson

    Sundays at 9:30am on the Fall Creek Campus, Room 223

    Starts June 23

    Open to Men and Women

    Join us as we take an in-depth look at the Exodus. See where the Exodus was prophesied in the Bible 400 years before it happened. Learn the significance of the plagues, the blood on the lintels and doorposts and the most likely route taken.  Discover the location believed to be where Moses parted the Red Sea to enter the land of Midian where Mt. Sinai is located.  Study with us as we learn how every detail points to our soon coming King, Jesus Christ.

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Life Groups are small gatherings of 15-20 people pursuing Jesus together to foster our vision of becoming passionate Christ followers. Each Life Group is unique in its structure and content but provides a space for deeper intimacy, vulnerability, safe space, and accountability. 

In order to facilitate an intentional relational space in a small group, enrollment will close after three weeks and/or once the Life Group has reached capacity. 

Core Values of Life Groups

  • Gospel-centrality: Life Groups are centered on the person of Jesus, his work, and his life through worship, prayer, and scripture. Loving God. 

  • Missional: To become more like Jesus and do what he did wherever God may have placed us. Loving the city. 

  • Community: To draw closer to God and to each other that is deeply formed by God’s love and love for each other. Loving his people.