We know that uncertainties and anxieties are all around us. One way we combat these terrible realities is by prayer.

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Why are we here? What happens after this life? Who is Jesus? 

Can I really know God?

Nearly everyone, at some point in their life, wants to explore answers to these huge questions about life's meaning. Thankfully, God has not left us in the dark. The God who created us broke into time in the person of Jesus Christ, who came to meet the deepest needs of our existence for both here and eternity.

If you've ever felt uneasy about eternity, join Pastor John Newland on a journey for answers to the ultimate questions of life. In this easy to read book, you'll not only learn how Scripture answers these most important questions, you'll also discover an ongoing, life-enriching process of growing in your relationship with your Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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We encourage you or your church to use this book to help people begin and grow in their authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, we offer discounts on bulk orders! Please contact for details.

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