Growth Groups

The best place for adults to get to know others in the Fall Creek family is in a Growth Group. 

Men and women of all ages and stages of life can find a group that meets them right where they are. 

In a Growth Group, you will make friends and experience life in community while being challenged to 

follow Christ more faithfully


How do I grow as a disciple? 

How do I help disciple my family?

I'm ready for real transformation.

We're thrilled to offer a new focus in our small group ministry for those who want to grow in their faith and understanding of Christian beliefs and practices.  

Are you ready to own your faith?

Core Groups will be led by people gifted to teach, and the groups will be more intensely focused on what people need in order to "own their faith for themselves" as disciples of Jesus. Be prepared to be challenged in a good way!

Core Groups will aim to equip believers in the following areas that are essential to discipleship:

1. How to Read the Bible

2. Understanding the Bible's Storyline

3. Christian Beliefs

4. The Christian Life

5. How God's Word Shapes Your Home

6. How God's Word Shapes Gender/Sexuality